Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy


Crave It Sdn Bhd, ERM Property Management Sdn Bhd, Oasis Connections Team (“the Team”) and its related/associate company (ies) (“the Entities”) recognise its responsibilities under the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“PDPA”) and is committed to ensuring that your personal data is protected (“Personal Data”).

Pursuant to the PDPA, we require your co-operation to declare and consent to us on the use of your Personal Data to conduct, hold, process, use and/or release/disclose for our activities such as carrying out loyalty programs, direct mailers, event invitations etc (“Services”).

1. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to explain how we collect your Personal Data, the procedures that we have in place to safeguard your privacy and how you can instruct us if you prefer to limit the use of that information.

2. You are not obligated to provide us with your Personal Data save for the purposes provided under Item 6(a), 6(c), 6(e), 6(f), and 7(b) herein, failing which we will not be able to provide the Services and address the matters specified therein.

3. Your Personal Data shall include but not limited to the following:

  • (a) Name, NRIC/Passport, company name, job title/profession, date of birth, age, race; nationality; marital status; income range; the relevant services provided to you and any other personal data relevant and/or required for the purposes set out in Item No. 6 below;
  • (b) Contact information including address, phone number and email address; and
  • (c) Other information relevant to the participation of any Oasis Connections (“Connections”) campaigns and events.

4. We collect your Personal Data when you voluntarily provide the same to us. You may provide your Personal Data to us when:

  • (a) you complete a user profile or the registration for or create a user account whereby you provide the necessary Personal Data;
  • (b) interact with our social media pages;
  • (c) participate in contests and events organised by us;
  • (d) verify your identity through various means; and
  • (e) fill up demographic information in surveys.

5. Personal Data may be collected through the use of the Website and our Services such as:

  • (a) feedback, ratings and compliments;
  • (b) transaction information; and
  • (c) information about how you interacted with the Website, or Services.

6. The Entities shall use your personal data (whether obtained in the manner provided in Item No.4 and Item No. 5, directly or indirectly from you, or obtained as a result of our relationship with you) for the following purposes:

  • (a) in all matters relating to your participation of any Connections campaigns and events stated on the Website including but not limited to all matters necessary to affect the execution of a formal participation;
  • (b) for statistical analysis;
  • (c) for record keeping purposes, the maintenance and update of members records;
  • (d) for delivery of notices, information of our latest campaigns, products and/or services, events update;
  • (e) for compliance of any legal or regulatory requirements relating to our Services and projects; and
  • (f) for collection of any prizes and/or winning vouchers;
  • (g) create, administer and update your account;
  • (h) conduct due diligence check;
  • (i) verify your identity and age (where necessary);
  • (j) perform internal operations necessary to provide our Services;
  • (k) protect the security or integrity of the Services;
  • (l) process and manage your Rewards;
  • (m) fulfil the service to you as a data processor;
  • (n) resolve customer support issues; and
  • (o) testing, research, analysis and product development.

For avoidance of doubt, you shall have the option to elect not to receive any direct marketing promotional information from us in the manners referred to in Item No. 9 below.

7. We shall also have the right to disclose your personal data to the following parties to facilitate our purposes as stated in Item No. 6 above:

  • (a) our authorised representatives, agents, contractors, employees and third party service providers to enable them to provide administrative and other services for or to you including but not limited to all matters in relation to your participation of the campaign and/or collection of any winning prizes and/or vouchers;
  • (b) others where the disclosure is required by law for example, to government agencies and regulatory bodies as part of our statutory obligations, or for law enforcement purposes;
  • (c) to our customer service agencies for research and analysis purposes for us to monitor and improve our Services;
  • (d) for administrative purposes and statistical analysis;
  • (e) service providers, agents and/or contractors from time to time to help us with delivery of notices, to provide and market our campaigns and events to you;
  • (f) Government agencies, statutory authorities and industry regulators;
  • (g) our auditors, consultants, accountants or other financial or professional advisers;
  • (h) any other persons which the Team may think fit notwithstanding that such persons may be outside Malaysia, for any of the above purposes.

For avoidance of doubt, you shall have the option to elect not to receive any direct marketing promotional information from us in the manners referred to in Item No. 9 below.

8. We shall retain your Personal Data for a reasonable period in accordance with legal requirements, for administration and/or accounting purposes or to protect our interests if deemed necessary.

9. We would like to share with you our latest marketing information updates via the following methods :

  • (a) via Short-Messaging-Service (“SMS”);
  • (b) via email;
  • (c) via telephone;
  • (d) via Electronic Direct Mailling (“EDM”);
  • (e) via newsletter or Electronic Newsletters;
  • (f) via by way of postage; and
  • (g) other forms of marketing tools /channels (including internet social media services).

10. Location enabled products or applications transmit your location information to us. We do not use the information sent or provided other than to provide the service you requested/permitted. Location enabled features are opt-in and you have control over your participation and can turn these services off at any time or uninstall them. Some mobile applications will utilize Google Analytics (or similar tool) to help us better serve you through improved products, services, and revisions to the mobile applications. This collected information will not identify you to us. It may, however, let us know anonymously, which services and features you are using the most within the application, as well as device type and hardware features, country and language of download.

11. A cookie may be used in the processing of your information. A cookie is a text file placed into the memory of your computer and/or device by our computers. A copy of this text file is sent by your computer and/or device whenever it communicates with our server. We use cookies to identify you. We may also collect the following information during your visit to our website and/or the fully qualified domain name from which you accessed our site, or alternatively, your IP address:

  • (a) the date and time you accessed each page on our web site;
  • (b) the URL of any webpage from which you accessed our site (the referrer); and
  • (c) the web browser that you are using and the pages you accessed.
  • (d) some web pages may require you to provide a limited amount of personal information in order to enjoy certain services on our websites (system login credentials, email address and contact, etc.). This personal information will only be used for its intended purposes only, i.e. to respond to your message or deliver the requested services.

12. If you do not wish your Personal Data to be disclosed to a particular party/group and/or to receive any direct marketing information about us and/or third parties/and/or disagree to any particular channel for disembarking information to you as provided above, you may put your request in writing to us at the address or email address provided for at item No. 14 below.

13. Pursuant to the PDPA:

(a) you have a right to request a copy of your Personal Data in our records provided that:

  • (i) you request for the same in writing to us addressed to the address as provided at item No. 14 below;
  • (ii) you include proof of your identity and address (e.g. a copy of your NRIC/passport); and
  • (iii) you bear the fee for the release of your Personal Data.

(b) You have the right to correct any inaccuracies in your Personal Data free of charge (Please note, you are responsible for informing us on any changes to your personal 5 information supplied to us and for ensuring that such information is accurate and current). If you wish to exercise this right, you should:

  • (i) request for the same in writing to us addressed to the address as provided at item No. 14 below;
  • (ii) provide us with sufficient information to identify you;
  • (iii) specify the information that is incorrect and what it should be replaced with.

(c) We may exercise our discretion in allowing the corrections requested and/or may require further documentary evidence of the new data to avoid fraud and inaccuracy.

(d) You have the right to require us to cease or not to begin processing your Personal Data for direct marketing purposes. If you wish to exercise this right, you should:

  • (i) request for the same in writing to us addressed to the address as provided at item No 10 below;
  • (ii) provide us with sufficient information to identify you;
  • (iii) specify the date starting from when you would like us to cease or not to begin processing your Personal Data.

14. Should you have any enquiries or complaints pertaining to your Personal Data, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

G-01, Ground Floor, Oasis Village, Oasis Square,
No 2, Jalan PJU 1A/7A,
47301 Petaling Jaya
TEL : +6016 557 1878
Email address :

15. In the event of any conflict between the English version of this Privacy Policy and its corresponding Bahasa Malaysia, the terms in the English version shall prevail.

16. We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy from time to time without prior notice and will notify you of any such amendment via the Website, email or any other manner which we see as fit.