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Welcome to Will You? Cafe!

WYC@Oasis is our PREMIUM OUTLET.  This is our first fully equipped outlet that has been from conception designed to provide you with the features that you could want to suit you.  That’s right!  Our PREMIUM OUTLET is designed with YOU in mind.

We don’t want you to just come for a coffee or a meal, we want you to come into your own realm.  What does that mean?  Well let’s take a journey together…

From entering into the cafe, the first thing most people notice are the books lining the shelves… yes, books!!  Books are extremely special and they have the ability to take you to places you yourself could never imagine no matter how young you are.  Some people like romantic journey’s, some like technical explorations, some even like colouring books!!  There is something for everyone on our shelves if you are looking for a different adventure.  And if you don’t finish the book while you’re there, we rent them!!  Take them home and continue the adventure.

As you gaze around the shelves, you may come upon some boardgames.  When you come to WYC@Oasis on with your friends, we want to give you something to do.  Don’t just have a quick coffee, a short conversation, and leave.  Pick up a game and challenge yourself and each other.  Getting to know someone over a boardgame is really fun!!  Combine that fun with great snacks and some fun drinks, you have yourself a truly engaging time awaiting you.  Just remember, when you’re having a whole lot of fun, time can get the better of you!!

Then there’s the stage…

(We haven’t even got to the food yet!!)

You’ll notice the stage, the lights, the speakers and the projector.  These are all there for you to come back with your friends and have a wonderful party together.  Bring your guitar, your cajon, and group of voices, and we’ll guarantee that you’ll all have a blast!!

For those that like to get serious and have meetings and presentations, you can do that too!!  Like we said, our premium outlet is designed specifically for you.  Need a whiteboard or a flip chart?  We’ve got you covered!!  Need a photocopy or something you don’t see?  Don’t be afraid to ask the team!!

The TVs installed around the outlet are all there for more than just news and our interesting videos!!  We’re able to connect you to any one of them so you can show a presentation for your group discussion.  Need a little more than this?  Just have a talk to us and we’ll be more than happy to see how to meet your needs.

So after all of this, we can FINALLY  get to the MENU!!

Let us start with our COFFEE.  We know that a good coffee is priceless.  We know that you can’t put a value on a good cup of coffee.  We solely use BODACIOUS coffee that is specially roasted in Melbourne, Australia.  This is a specialty roast provided for you at a reasonable price.  You’ll notice that our coffee machine is located right up front close to you, because we want you to have YOUR coffee, YOUR way.  This is PREMIUM SERVICE for you.  Just talk to one of our baristas about what you want, and they’ll be more than happy to work on your specifics.

If you’re not a coffee adorer, or it’s just past that time of day when coffee won’t keep you up at night, we have a wide variety of options for you.  If tea is your fancy, then we have a grand selection of PUKKA teas for you.  A different tea for every mood.  Try them all and find the right one for you, at the right time.  Looking for a fresh fruit juice?  Then we only serve 100% fresh juice, made fresh just for you.  No sugar, just really good fruit!!  Ask your barista what fruits are in stock and chose any three to combine to your own liking.

(Of course, if you have a sweet tooth and are looking to splurge a little, then our chocolate drinks, whether iced or hot, are really tempting – we don’t advise drinking too many though!!)

Now we know that hydration is extremely important, and not everyone wants to only have drinks from the broad variety mentioned above.  We always maintain jugs of water at the counter for you.  Even with our water, we have a selection of room temperature plain water and fresh lemon water for you.  If you want it cold, ask the team for some ice.  If you want it hot, ask the team to steam it up.

Now we come to the food and our premium outlet has put together something special for you.  Our Chef has put together the options that you need.  Something light or something heavy.  Something quick or something intricate.

For breakfast, we like to keep it light and simple.  We know that time is precious in the morning, and often we can be chasing after it.  Our breakfast selections are made simple to both for you to dine-in as well as grab-and-go.

Lunch is a special time of the day.  It’s a time We offer a weekday lunch buffet that comes with a free-flow of soup and salad, together with your selection of main course that has been specially created by our kitchen.  Always with a good selection of different proteins as well as a choice for a vegetarian main.  Along with this we include a free-flow of our daily infused fruit water.  A slice of our cake of the day to be enjoyed with your favourite coffee, tea, chocolate or juice completes the meal and ensures that you have all you need to get you through the afternoon and evening.

For dinner, we’ve introduced the simple dinner buffet.  Similar to lunch, but a little lighter.

You see everything has been made premium for you.  Everything is ready for you & everyone is ready to make our home feel like yours.  Again, your needs are always at the heart of every decision that we make.  We look forward to having you come and become a part of our home.



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